Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Candy Box Images

Just some images from my candy box design. Even the UPC code was hand made. The candies are chocolate Russian nesting dolls filled with liquor. They're called "Naughty Ladies" in russian. So cute. "Naughty Ladies- We'll keep you warm at night!"

Silkscreen Step:1

These are just some transparencies to be silk screened. (Just the basic linework. The transparencies for color blocks don't look like anything.) I'll put the results up when I have them back or at the end of the semester.


At one point last year my friend gave me a baby squirrel she found. I named him Jonah =] He was pretty rad. He would sleep in my pocket while I was painting, chill on my shoulder, and he would try and steal his bottle away from me. (oh...and he was outrageously cute.)

I still wonder if it's more ridiculous that it took a week to find a shelter that wouldn't just euthanize Jonah, or that there is actually a squirrel rescue in NYC.

Lilies and Back in NJ

The NJ bridge troll's favorite mode of transportation. It would've been MINE if it weren't for my conscience. A big thumbs down for morality!